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Group : Working Dogs

Weight : 27 - 32 Kgs

Height : 22 - 25 inches

Color(s) : Boxers don't convey the quality for a strong dark coat shading, so you won't ever see a dark Boxer. In the United Kingdom, stoop boxers are normally rich in shading and are called "red."

Coat : Boxers have a smooth, short coat with tight skin over their athletic bodies. They come in two hues: stoop or streak, with or without white markings. Grovel ranges from light tan to mahogany. Spot is a striking tiger-striped example of dark stripes on a stoop foundation. White markings normally show up on the stomach or feet and shouldn't cover more than 33% of the coat. At the point when the white expands onto the neck or face, the shading is called ostentatious stoop or showy mottle. Boxers with no white are alluded to as plain Boxers. On the face, the Boxer has a dark cover, now and again with a white stripe, or blast, running up the gag between the eyes.

Distinct Feature :Boxers are expansive, strong, square-headed puppies who look forcing — that is, until you investigate their eyes and see the underhandedness and delight of life reflected there. As a result of their fun loving nature and limitless vitality, they are once in a while called the "Diminish Pan" of the canine breeds. Boxers aren't considered completely develop until they are three years of age, which means they have one of the longest puppyhoods in the realm of puppies.

ACTIVITY : The Boxer needs a lot of physical and mental activity once a day. They ought to be permitted to run or go for long strolls frequently. Boxers appreciate playing bring or different exercises. They can endure loft life if practiced adequately, however a reasonable estimated yard is perfect. Forlorn, dormant Boxers can get to be worried and dangerous

Boxer Reviews

TEMPERAMENT : The Boxer is cheerful, brave, lively, inquisitive and vivacious. Profoundly keen, anxious and snappy to take in, the Boxer is a decent pooch for aggressive submission. It is always moving and bonds intimately with the gang. Faithful and warm, Boxers are known for the way they get along so well with kids. A well raised and legitimately mingled Boxer will likewise coexist with his own particular kind and other family unit pets, for example, felines. Creatures, for example, rodents, ducks, chickens and other ranch winged animals may be excessively enticing, be that as it may, they can be taught to "abandon it" however it is still not suggested they took off alone with them. It has been said that the name Boxer originated from the way the Boxer likes to utilize his front paws for pretty much everything. In the event that you have ever viewed a Boxer continue on ahead you may have seen the way he paws at his toys, sustenance dish and you so far as that is concerned, in an extremely fun loving feline like way. While taking part the game of Schutzhund, Boxers are known not up and utilize their front paws as though they are boxing. They are exceptionally clownish and fun loving.

CHARACTER :The Boxer is upbeat, neighborly, astute, mindful, and faithful. Boxers create solid, close bonds with crew. They have loads of vitality and a genuine disposition, however they can be clownish and perky too. They jump at the chance to get and bear pretty much anything they can in their mouths. Boxers have a tendency to get boisterous when the nourishment dish is vacant. They make incredible watchmen and allies.