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Group : Companion Dogs

Weight : 7 - 13 pounds

Height : 8 - 11 inchs

Color(s) : Generally Havanese are white, black, black and tan, sable, gray, and a myriad of other colors and markings.

Coat : Silky to the bit, the coat is soft and light-weight in texture in each outer and undercoat, though the outer coat carries slightly additional weight. The coat is long, lush and wavy. It stands off the body slightly, however flows with movement. a perfect coat can allow the natural lines of the dog to be seen. Puppy coat could also be shorter and have a softer texture than adult coat. A single, flat, kinky or curly coat ought to be faulted. A coarse, thin coat could be a disqualification. A short, sleek coat with or while not furnishings could be a disqualification. The coat could also be unsmooth. unsmooth coats can naturally separate into wavy sections in young dogs and can in time turn into cords. Adult unsmooth dogs are fully lined with a full coat of tassle-like cords.
Distinct Feature : The coat on the Havanese should be brushed/combed thoroughly at least twice a week. Excess hair around the pads of the feet should be clipped.

ACTIVITY : The Havanese is good for apartment life. They are playful and are active indoors.

Havanese Reviews

TEMPERAMENT : The Havanese is friendly, playful, alert and intelligent with a sweet, non-quarrelsome disposition. Aggression or timidness ought to be faulted.

CHARACTER : The Havanese could be a little, durable dog of vast charm. The native dog of Cuba, he's beloved as a friendly, intelligent and quizzical companion. he's slightly longer than tall, with a protracted, untrimmed, double coat. The Havanese contains a short higher arm with moderate shoulder layback and a straight topline that rises slightly from the withers to the croup. The plumed tail is carried arched forward up over the rear. The distinctive whippy gait could be a results of the breed’s structure and quizzical, spirited temperament. These characteristics of temperament, coat, structure and gait ar essential to sort.