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Tibetan Spaniel

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Group : Companion Dogs

Weight : 6 - 8 Kgs

Height : 30-32 Cms

Color(s) : Tibetan Spaniel comes in all colors, solid, multi-colored or shaded, including fawn, red, gold, cream, white, black and black and tan, often with white markings on the feet.

Coat : The Tibetan Spaniel has a velvety twofold coat that is smooth on the face and the front of the legs and modestly long on whatever is left of the body. The ears, tail, and backs of the forelegs and hindquarters have longer hair, and a mane of long hair (in some cases alluded to as a shawl) encompasses the neck. The Tibbie's jacket can be any shading or blend of hues.

Week by week brushing will keep your Tibetan Spaniel's without jacket of free hair. Anticipate that them will shed little sums year-round, with a heavier shed once or here and there twice per year. Bathe them as required, normally every 6 to 8 weeks.
Distinct Feature : They have long and silky fur with miniature size. Eyes and nose are distinctively black. They have punch face.

ACTIVITY : Tibetan Spaniels need daily walks and runs. They love to play outdoors and are at their best when properly exercised. It is important that they are always securely leashed and fenced.

Tibetan Spaniel Reviews

TEMPERAMENT : Tibetan Spaniel is active, small, and alert. The Tibetan Spaniel is a highly intelligent breed and is deeply devoted to their family and friends. They thrive on human companionship, are extremely sensitive, and will respond to their owner's moods, emotions, and feelings. They do best with older, considerate, well-behaved children. This breed is generally aloof with strangers but is never aggressive. They get along very well with other pets.

CHARACTER :Trusting and loving toward relatives, Tibetan Spaniels may be unapproachable toward outsiders, albeit never forceful. Consistent with their legacy, they make amazing guard dogs and will bark to alarm you of anything that appears to be uncommon.

Tibbies appear to be particularly receptive to their kin's states of mind and sentiments. As adoring as they seem to be, in any case, they're autonomous masterminds and won't generally comply, particularly on the off chance that they think they know not don't see any justifiable reason motivation to do as you inquire.

Similarly as with all puppies, Tibetan Spaniels require early socialization — presentation to a wide range of individuals, sights, sounds, and encounters — when they're youthful.