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Bull Terrier

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Group : Terrier

Weight : 6-8 Kgs

Height : 30-32 cms

Color(s) : White variety: white, with markings on head permissible; colored variety: any color other than white, or any color with white markings; brindle prefer.

Coat : The coat of the Bull Terrier should always be short, flat and harsh, even being somewhat coarse to the touch.

Distinct feature : The Bull Terrier is a lively breed but can also be lazy and quiet at times. A very muscular and well-built breed, this dog has a very sweet disposition and can be very affectionate.

ACTIVITY : The Bull Terrier is a very lively breed. A ball of fire, this dog requires quite a bit of exercise to stay healthy and active. At least a medium sized yard would work best as this breed has almost infinite energy. This breed requires long daily walks, twice a day is best, as they can become destructive if not given the proper stimulation and exercise requirements.

Bull Terrier Reviews

TEMPERAMENT : Fiery, energetic, and loving, this breed can also be protective of his owner and his territory, giving off somewhat of a fearless presence. This breed makes a good watch and/or guard dog. The Bull Terrier is very hardy and sturdy and can tolerate quite a bit of child's play, however should always be supervised, as Bull Terriers can be snippy if they are overly pestered. With proper socialization and training, this breed can do well with other dogs.

CHARACTER : Never one to take a rearward sitting arrangement to anybody or anything, the Bull Terrier is an amicable, feisty social butterfly who's constantly prepared for a decent time, and constantly upbeat to see you. A Bull Terrier who's modest and moves in an opposite direction from individuals is by no means ordinary.

Bull Terriers and Mini Bull Terriers are portrayed as fearless and loaded with flame. These are great attributes, yet they can veer into the obnoxious class if the Bull Terrier is permitted to end up possessive or envious. Without right on time preparing and socialization — presentation to pooches and different creatures — they can be possibly forceful toward different creatu