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Lhasa Apso

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Group : Companion Dogs

Weight : 12 to 15 pounds

Height : 9 - 11 inchs

Color(s) : Black, white, brown, gray, cream or particolor

Coat : The Lhasa Apso has a heavy double-coat that is draped over the entire body.
Distinct Feature : Lhasa Apso have long and silky fur with miniature size. Eyes and nose are distinctively black. They have punch face.

ACTIVITY : The Lhasa Apso loves to play indoor games. The Lhasa is an excellent apartment and condominium dweller.

Lhasa Apso Reviews

TEMPERAMENT : The Lhasa Apso is a hardy and vigorous breed. They are wary and suspicious of strangers. They are considered to be one of the most affectionate breeds with their main function as that of a companion. They are highly expressive of their love and devotion, but have a mind of their own and want everything their way. They are lively and spirited.

CHARACTER :The Lhasa Apso identity is an exceptional and fascinating blend. He's a glad, underhanded, and fun loving canine; he's likewise great, free, and wild. He accepts the occupation of guarding his home and family genuinely; he likewise takes quite a while to grow up, and still, at the end of the day he remains fairly puppyish until seniority.

The Lhasa may be little, yet he isn't somewhat delicate. He's tough and solid, and he's normally careful about outsiders. He will make companions, yet not until he realizes that an individual represents no danger. He's a fabulous guard dog.

The autonomous Lhasa likes to be "big cheese." Training and socialization, starting with puppy classes, are fundamental. They'll show him great canine behavior and keep him from supposing he can govern the perch. Lhasa proprietors must be solid, kind pioneers.

The Lhasa is not to a great degree dynamic and is substance living inside. Not at all like numerous different breeds, he needn't bother with vivacious activity to decrease apprehensive vitality. On the other hand, he does appreciate and advantage from short strolls and play sessions.