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Group : Companion Dogs

Weight : Up to 7 pounds

Height : 8 - 10 inchs

Color(s) : Maltese colour is pure white, silky, and straight, reaching all the way to the ground.

Coat : The staggering Maltese coat is immaculate white, sleek, and straight, coming to the distance to the ground. Maltese don't have the undercoat ordinary to numerous breeds and don't shed much.
On the drawback, Maltese coats tangle effectively and get to be messy. Furthermore, Maltese are inclined to unattractive tear stains on their countenances.
Distinct Feature : The Maltese exudes great joy and delight. They are highly intelligent, animated, and playful. They are very social.

ACTIVITY : The Maltese does not require a high level of exercise. They are suitable for apartment or condominium living. They enjoy a daily walk, indoor play sessions. The Maltese moves with a jaunty, smooth, flowing gait. Viewed from the facet, he provides a control of speedy movement, size thought-about. within the stride, the forelegs reach straight and free from the shoulders, with elbows shut. Hind legs to maneuver in a very line. Cowhocks or any suggestion of hind limb toeing in or out area unit faults.

Maltese Reviews

TEMPERAMENT : The Maltese is gentle, trusting, and obedient. They are typically good natured and amiable and love to be held and cuddled. They will tolerate other pets, but are not suitable for inconsiderate or ill-behaved children. They most often will establish a For all his diminutive size, the Maltese appears to be without concern. his trust and tender responsiveness area unit terribly appealing. he's among the gentlest affected of all very little dogs, nevertheless he's spirited and mischievous moreover as vigorous.

CHARACTER :The Maltese could be a domestic dog coated from head to foot with a mantle of long, silky, white hair. he's gentle-mannered and tender, eager and spirited in action, and, despite his size, possessed of the vigor required for satisfactory companion.