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Group : Sporting Dogs

Weight : 20 – 30 Kgs

Height : 21 - 24 Inches

Color(s) : An old seekers' colloquialism is that a decent Pointer can't be a terrible shading. The Pointer has a striking layer of liver (dim chestnut), dark, orange, or lemon, with or without a white foundation. A few Pointers have light or overwhelming dots — called ticking — on the white ranges of their coat colour. Tricolor Pointers (white, in addition to two different hues) exist yet aren't extremely normal. Dull shaded Pointers have a dark or chestnut nose; light-hued pooches have a light or substance hued nose.

Coat : The coat itself is short, smooth, and gleaming. Give him an intensive brushing once every week with a dog glove — a nubbly glove that fits over your hand — and he's ready. He sheds just softly, and the standard brushing will keep hair off your garments and furniture. Rub him with a chamois and his jacket will gleam.

Distinct Feature :The Pointer, otherwise called the English Pointer, is a capable chasing pooch. The head is about as wide as the gag is long. The neck is long. The gag is profound. The stop is all around characterized. The nose is dark or chestnut in shading in the darker covered mutts and may be lighter or tissue hued in the lighter canines. The teeth ought to meet in a level or scissors nibble. The round eyes are dull interestingly with the markings on the coat. The hanging ears are to some degree pointed toward the end. The front legs are straight. The tail is bigger at the root, decreasing to a point. The coat is short, smooth and thick. Coat hues incorporate basically white with liver, lemon, dark and/or orange markings, either fixed or dotted, or can be strong in shading. May be tricolored.

ACTIVITY : Given and calm, the Pointer is depicted as a harmonious sidekick. He has a focused soul and an autonomous streak, but on the other hand he's carefree and insidious. A brilliant guard dog, he's defensive of his property and will sound the alert at anything strange. In the field, he's hard-driving and gallant. In submission trials he's eager and overflowing, performing the "come" order — known as the review in the ring — as though shot out of a gun.

Pointers require early socialization and preparing. Like any pooch, they can get to be tentative in the event that they are not legitimately mingled — presented to various individuals, sights, sounds, and encounters — when they're youthful. Early socialization guarantees that your Pointer puppy grows up to be a balanced.

Pointer Reviews

TEMPERAMENT : Pointers are to a great degree high vitality, and exceptionally eager seekers. With enough practice they will be quiet in the home. Astute, committed, steadfast and clean, they are persistent, neighborly, loving, adoration youngsters and are a genuine companion to the gang. They adjust well to new circumstances. Can be saved with outsiders. Mingle well at an early age and as the proprietor of the pooch, make certain to stay rationally solid so the canine can nourish from your vitality to keep away from bashfulness. Apprehensive people have a tendency to have anxious canines in light of the fact that the pooch can feel your feelings. On the off chance that you don't give enough mental and/or physical activity they will turn out to be nervous and distractible and can get to be psychotic and ruinous. In the event that they sense their proprietors are not as solid minded as themselves they will end up being somewhat stubborn as they will trust they should be the pioneer of the relationship. It will bark at suspicious commotions, however it is not a guard dog. Chasing impulses grow early. Puppies will begin to show directing conduct as youthful as 8 weeks old. These canines are by and large great with different pets and are not as a rule puppy forceful.

CHARACTER :Pointers are exceptionally dynamic and require vivacious practice each day. In the event that you don't have room schedule-wise or vitality to practice your Pointer no less than one hour every day, then you ought not buy a Pointer.

Pointers can be extremely dangerous when they are exhausted or don't get enough work out, particularly when youthful. This can bring about biting, burrowing, and numerous other negative practices that can prompt costly vet bills and substitution costs.

Pointers are superb family mutts who flourish when they can invest energy with their kin. A Pointer ought not live outside but rather ought to appreciate the same solaces as his gang.

Despite the fact that Pointers do exceptionally well with youngsters, particularly when raised with them, they are not most appropriate for homes with little children. They can be wild as puppies and can accidentally hurt little youngsters by thumping them down or swiping them with that wagging tail.