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Himalayan Kitten

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Himalayan's are considered good family pets as they get mingled with everyone and are very easy to deal with.
The Himalayan is a medium-sized cat.These are characterized with heavy fur. They appear to be large due to the fur on their body.
They usually come in whitish, grey colour, They have distincts points on their body, These have distinct points of blackish colour on tail,nose ears and legs.
Their fur is lustrous,glossy, long and thick. And this makes them look beautiful. They have a compact body with large round eyes, erect ears and short and thick tail.
The nose protrudes out of the rounded face with distinct points making it a unique breed.
A regular combing and brushing is required since they have fur on their body. Since they have a flat face, care must be taken to clean it properly.
The Himalayan likes to play with toys, so keeping some toys around makes the pet engaged in playing and useful activity.

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